Moringa Powder

Moringa powder
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   Dried OrangeBlue poppy seeds are a staple in the soap makers pantry. Gorgeous gentle exfoliation in any of your cosmetics including scrubs but also a very good visual aid in your products. Use to define layers in soaps and salts.

Skin Properties: The Egyptians cultivated them for oil back in 1500 BC. The poppy seed contains extensive quantities of calcium, almost 1584 grams percent as well as phosphorus -432 grams per cent. In addition, it also contains a very high percentage of protein, in the form of globulin. In tropical countries, poppy seeds also serve to relieve skin conditions like the dry itch

INCI: Papaver orientaleRed Rose Petals are a great visual addition to your cosmetics. Use as a colourful topping on soaps but also beautiful in bath bombs, bath salts, bath teas, milks and bath crumbles.

Skin Properties: Rose petals helps to reduce skin redness, fight inflammations, as well as to fix broken capillaries on the skin. They also acts as a general skin tonic with its astringent properties.
Rose has remarkable harmonising and balancing skin care qualities and Rose petals have long been used for softening and rejuvenating skin. Be careful to avoid rose essential oil which is highly restricted in cosmetics due to the methyl eugenol content which is a high skin sensitiser.

INCI:Rosa centifolia
 Sandalwood is a vibrant orange colour. It makes the perfect natural colourant for soapmaking varying from a rich pink to a deep orange/brown. It does not hold the scent of the sandalwood which comes from the heartwood but has plenty to offer in colour alone. The striking natural colour also make it perfect in your bath bombs, salts, milks, bath teas and bath crumbles.

Skin Properties: Sandalwood has antimicrobial properties which make it an effective herb for treating various skin problems. Sandalwood power has antimicrobial properties and hence, it is the best cure for acne and blemishes. Uses of sandalwood powder for face includes curing regularly occurring small pimples. Sandalwood powder is also known to help with itching, burns, scars and sweating problems very effectively.

INCI:Santalum Album

 Moringa powder is a gorgeous deep green colour. Moringa powder is packed with nutrients and minerals, indeed it is considered to hold more than any other plant we use.  It is widely used in health foods as well as cosmetics and ideal for all cosmetics including spa products. It makes a great natural colourant in both soaps, bath bombs, salts, scrubs etc. giving a natural mid green colour. It makes a great natural addition for soapmaking and is well known for its native use in African soap making.

INCI:  Moringa oleifera 

Pack Size: 50g or 100g

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